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Tax ID # 13-6018549
Org # 16587

Free animals from cruelty and institutionalized exploitation. Working to stop euthanasia with our spay/neuter programs. Promoting Animal Rights. Promoting vegetarianism. Protecting animals in need!

777 Post Road, Suite 205, Darien, CT 6820
Tax ID # 94-3371620
Org # 10435

Raises funds for San Francisco’s animal shelter and its partnering rescue organizations. Microchip family companion animals at low to no cost.

1200 15th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103
Tax ID # 68-0010605
Org # 11408

Advertising local animal shelters and available animals, community programs to promote pet retention, including spay/neuter assistance and humane care

7366 Oakmont Drive, Santa Rosa, CA 95409
Tax ID # 13-6218740
Org # 1823

Lifesaving animal sanctuaries and wildlife rehabilitation centers caring for a variety of species–from tigers to turtles–Help give thousands of animals a second chance.

200 West 57th Street, New York, NY 10019
Tax ID # 68-0404917
Org # 26858

Our mission is to enrich the lives of children and adults by empowering their physical, emotional, and cognitive development through equine-assisted therapies and activities.

1320 Commerce St., Ste. A, Petaluma, CA 94954
Tax ID # 68-0391542
Org # 16589

Encourage and promote responsible dog ownership and reduce the abuse and neglect of unwanted Labrador Retrievers through rehabilitation and adoption. We also assist Humane Societies.

12 River Vista Ct, Novato, CA 94945
Tax ID # 11-1687477
Org # 456

Using innovative training methods, trains guide and service dogs to restore independence and mobility, empowering people with disabilities to live without boundaries.

371 East Jericho Turnpike, Smithtown, NY 11787
Tax ID # 94-1196195
Org # 9306

Providing safety, independence and companionship to the blind and visually impaired by partnering them with exceptional guide dogs throughout their lifetime.

P.O. Box 151200, San Rafael, CA 94915-1200
Tax ID # 46-0968673
Org # 27489

We help struggling, underfinanced, and mostly volunteer animal shelters maintain their no-kill policies by providing grants of food and other necessary veterinary supplies.

1100 Larkspur Landing Circle Suite 340, Larkspur, CA 94939
Tax ID # 56-2515797
Org # 26345

Life long care for rescued and abused farmed animals, and education to the public about humane animal care and practices. Help save these animals.

14741 Wing Levee Road, Stockton, CA 95206
Tax ID # 95-4588697
Org # 28127

We provide funds for outside vet care to the animals at the LA County Animal Shelter in Agoura and so have increased adoption and decreased the euthanasia rates.

31 N.Basswood Ave., Oak Park, CA 91377
Tax ID # 80-0216470
Org # 26340

Trains and places dogs to alert deaf and hard of hearing people to important daily sounds thereby improving their independence and quality of life.

256 Seaside Dr., Pacifica, CA 94044
Tax ID # 47-0773858
Org # 1838

National No-kill shelter and sanctuary, financial assistance for family pets needing veterinary care, providing shelter for pets of domestic abuse families, National Anti-Puppy Mill Campaign.

P.O. Box 286, Auburn, NE 68305
Tax ID # 13-3146988
Org # 24972

Providing specially-trained monkeys and life-time support, free of charge, to veterans and others with disabilities. These companions assist with daily tasks, providing independence and companionship.

541 Cambridge Street, Boston, MA 2134
Tax ID # 27-4871193
Org # 26939

We rescue abused or abandoned horses, providing medical recovery, food and shelter, emotional attention, and eventually a permanent new loving home.

1100 Larkspur Landing Circle Suite 340, Larkspur, CA 94939
Tax ID # 94-3061685
Org # 29115

We rescue abandoned domestic rabbits throughout America, assist humane societies, educate the public on house rabbit care, and shelter, feed and treat injured rabbits.

148 Broadway, Richmond, CA 94804
Tax ID # 41-2055310
Org # 92

Inspiring compassion and respect for animals, each other, and the environment through engaging programs for kids, professional teacher training and educational tools, and community awareness.

PO Box 738, Mamaroneck, NY 10543
Tax ID # 47-0910622
Org # 24978

Dairy cows confined in tie stalls, crated pigs can’t root or move, chickens stuffed in cages. Fight cruelty in raising and handling of animals.

P.O Box 82, Middleburg, VA 20118
Tax ID # 68-0087989
Org # 11613

Protects farm animals from cruelty. Combats the dangerous misuse of antibiotics on factory farms. Works to stop slaughterhouse torture. Operates the nation’s largest animal sanctuary.

PO Box 3577, San Rafael, CA 91912
Tax ID # 52-1769464
Org # 27107

Ending animal abuse globally: dog-meat consumption; animal parts trade (rhino horn, ivory, seal fur, shark fins); street dog welfare programs, and more. Help end cruelty!

1255 23rd Street, NW Suite 450, Washington, DC 20037
Tax ID # 53-0225390
Org # 452

Ending abuse of all animals: puppy mills, animal fighting, animals in laboratories, factory farming abuses, horse slaughter, wildlife threats… Help us end animal cruelty.

1255 23rd Street NW Suite 450, Washington, DC 20037
Tax ID # 68-0008936
Org # 1818

Every day, dogs, cats, and countless other animals live in pain. Tortured. Experimented on. Skinned alive for fur. Abused. Afraid. Alone. Help us help them.

3010 Kerner Blvd., San Rafael, CA 94901
Tax ID # 39-1187711
Org # 18184

Eleven of 15 crane species are threatened with extinction. Help us protect fragile wetland and grassland ecosystems for cranes, people, and the diversity of life.

E11376 Shady Lane Road, Baraboo, WI 53913-0447
Tax ID # 75-2815706
Org # 28121

Elephants killed for their ivory. Habitat becomes roads, farms and villages. When elephants and humans cross paths, deaths occur. Help protect elephants, habitat and people.

PO Box 366, Azle, TX 76098
Tax ID # 84-0779444
Org # 25536

Giving the gift of hearing by training rescued dogs to alert the hearing-impaired to sounds in their environment: providing awareness, security, independence and companionship.

5901 East 89th Avenue, Henderson, CO 80640
Tax ID # 51-0194013
Org # 16420

Dedicated to protecting the world’s remaining primates, great and small: exposing primate abuse, battling international traffickers, operating a gibbon sanctuary, and supporting primate rescue worldwide.

PO Box 766, Summerville, SC 29484
Tax ID # 94-3225519
Org # 10428

Free-roaming cats trapped and sentenced to death by individuals who falsely believe animal shelters will rehome them. Help us provide a humane and effective alternative.

3876 Brown Avenue, Oakland, CA 94619
Tax ID # 23-2519029
Org # 25649

Faithful assistance guide dogs are raised and trained to provide blind Israelis with independence, safe mobility and self-confidence. Clients receive the dogs for Free.

968 Easton Rd. Suite H, Warrington, PA 18976-1875
Tax ID # 27-5219467
Org # 147

Rescue dogs trained as service dogs for veterans / active duty military suffering from PTSD, TBI, or MST.  New leash on life to military heroes.

114 Camp K9, Ponte Vedra, FL 32801
Tax ID # 95-4013155
Org # 1835

Puppy mills, vivisection/dissection, fur, illegal animal-fighting; Help us end animal abuse! Doing ground breaking undercover investigations to expose animal abusers and promoting cruelty-free lifestyles.

8033 Sunset Blvd Suite 835, Los Angeles, CA 90046
Tax ID # 95-4013155
Org # 1835

Puppy mills, vivisection/dissection, fur, illegal animal-fighting; Help us end animal abuse! Doing ground breaking undercover investigations to expose animal abusers and promoting cruelty-free lifestyles.

8033 Sunset Blvd Suite 835, Los Angeles, CA 90046
Tax ID # 26-4273729
Org # 28231

Many senior dogs are homeless – abandoned or lost. Help give them a safe haven for life or until a loving adoptive home is found.

2150 Mountain Ranch Road, Petaluma, CA 94954
Tax ID # 94-6104179
Org # 21042

First wildlife rehabilitation hospital in the country sees 5,000 animals annually including orphaned young. Outreach programs preserve environment and native species. www.wildlife-museum.org

1931 First Avenue, Walnut Creek, CA 94597
Tax ID # 45-3602098
Org # 28779

Empowering children and families against dependency. Animal assistance, sanctuaries, and wildlife preservation. Education grants to better the world.

2013 Canterbury Road, Sacramento, CA 95815
Tax ID # 95-1738153
Org # 16372

Did you know there’s no national SPCA? Your donation supports animal cruelty investigations, violence prevention youth programs, and pet adoptions in your community, Southern California.

5026 W. Jefferson Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90016
Tax ID # 26-4438087
Org # 26957

We help ease the suffering and neglect of feral and stray community cats through TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return), daily care, public education, ongoing colony support and management.

322 Blackstone Drive, San Rafael, CA 94903
Tax ID # 94-1156562
Org # 13684

When animals are in danger. When humans need help for their animals. When the human-animal bond needs a champion. With your support, we are there.

171 Bel Marin Keys Blvd., Novato, CA 94949
Tax ID # 20-4545104
Org # 25939

Rescue, rehabilitatate and rehome dogs in the Los Angeles South Bay area. Also to support responsible pet ownership through education and spay and neuter programs.

1540 Steinhart Ave, Redondo Beach, CA 90278
Tax ID # 46-1465794
Org # 29161

The Monkey Tail Ranch improves people’s lives by cultivating relationships with animals, nature and the community.

1993 Orchard Road, Hollister , CA 95023
Tax ID # 26-0416747
Org # 25309

We are dedicated to rescuing senior dogs aged 7+ years from California municipal shelters, providing necessary veterinary care, and finding them loving forever homes.

1041 Kansas Street, San Francisco, CA 94107
Tax ID # 36-2229588
Org # 29353

Be an advocate for animals – and humane science! Help end needless suffering of animals, waste, and secrecy of archaic animal experimentation by investing in smarter alternatives.

53 W. Jackson Blvd., Suite 1552, Chicago, IL 60604
Tax ID # 77-0412509
Org # 13112

Saving dogs and people! We rescue dogs, partner them with firefighters, and train them to locate people buried alive during disasters. Join the search!

6800 Wheeler Canyon Road, Santa Paula, CA 93060
Tax ID # 23-7281887
Org # 11893

Independence and companionship for wounded warriors, autistic children, the deaf and disabled by providing custom-trained Service Dogs. Help provide these much needed Service Dogs!

P.O. Box 1100, Princeton, MA 1541
Tax ID # 65-0491973
Org # 1847

Racing Greyhounds are starved, abused, abandoned, sold for experimentation, and slaughtered because tracks are closing. Help us rescue, provide medical care, and adopt them.

PO Box 638, Homasassa, FL 34487
Tax ID # 26-0129307
Org # 25893

Helping GSPs in need find loving homes! Saving dogs from death’s door, giving much-needed vet care including spay/neuter, finding fabulous forever homes.

1260 Middle Ave, Menlo Park, CA 94025
Tax ID # 11-1666852
Org # 13210

Support the largest no-kill animal rescue and adoption organization in the world. We save the lives of pets through rescue, adoption, spay/neuter, education initiatives.

750 Port Washington Blvd., Port Washington, NY 11050
Tax ID # 84-1544557
Org # 24012

Pandas- Only 1864 wild & 400 in captivity. Your support funds crucial medical supplies, equipment and bamboo. Extinction is forever- Endangered means we have time.

PO Box 620335, Littleton, CO 80162
Tax ID # 95-1643344
Org # 25837

Loving pets abandoned, lost, relinquished. Wildlife injured or orphaned. Help care and find homes for thousands of animals. Help wildlife return to their habitat.

361 South Raymond Avenue, Pasadena, CA 91105
Tax ID # 36-4604264
Org # 27448

Assist senior citizens with the cost of ped adoption fees and animal care.

510 West Malone Street, Hanford , CA 93230
Tax ID # 38-2370342
Org # 1814

Custom-trained Assistance Dogs enhance independence and quality of life for people with disabilities nationally. We increase awareness of the rights / roles of Assistance Dog Teams.

4646 South Division, Wayland, MI 49348